The AMX Token

AMX is the native token supporting the Alt Markets protocol. The token contract was deployed to Arbitrum & Ethereum with the address 0xB2d948Be3a74ECCe80378D4093E6cD7f4dC1Cf9C. It can be traded on Sushiswap (Arbitrum) or Uniswap (Ethereum).


Liquidity backing AMX was locked on 21. January 2023. Alt Markets will increase liquidity in monthly intervals.

Supply & Distribution

The current circulating supply is 30 million AMX. The maximum supply will be 1B AMX tokens. Every block, AMX is unlocked for fundraising, burns, staking rewards, additional liquidity, community events, or promotional purposes.


Monthly emissions are approximately 15 million AMX tokens. After four years, AMX will reach its maximum supply of 1B AMX tokens.

Token Use Cases

Tokens from public sales are used according to the needs of the protocol. Unused tokens are burned, airdropped, or used to increase liquidity.


40% of AMX tokens are distributed via public sale mechanisms. 40% (20%+20%) of all AMX tokens are allocated for incentives, namely staking & trading incentives. 20% of AMX tokens will be airdropped to communities that Alt Markets supports.

There is no allocation for the founding developers, team of contributors, or private sales. All contributors to the project are encouraged to have "skin in the game" by purchasing AMX on the open markets, equal to everyone else. VCs and other private investors can also buy AMX on the open markets or make OTC deals on the Alt Markets Discord.

Public sale - 40%, Staking incentives - 20%, Trading incentives - 20%, Airdrop campaigns - 20%, Team - 0%, Private sale - 0%

Alt Markets

Alt Markets is a protocol that enables anyone to launch & trade decentralized markets