The Vision

Individual milestones on the following roadmap might change depending on demand, suggestions, and the overall market situation. However, all our milestones and goals are guided by a single mission, enabling crypto traders to place directional bets on any concept & idea while making crypto trading more fun.

2023 Milestones

Active Traders

The primary milestone is to increase active traders using the Alt Markets Protocol via trading incentives.

Cross-Chain Bridge

We will release a cross-chain bridge to swap AMX tokens between all supported networks (ETH, Arbitrum, and others).

Wide Network Support

We want to make the trading experience using the AMX protocol as simple as possible by supporting 5+ popular EVM chains.

Lightning Integration

We will release a Bitcoin Lightning Network integration for Alt Markets. We love Bitcoin and want to facilitate its adoption.

2024 Milestones

Promo & Marketing

We will focus on various marketing & promo events throughout 2024 to promote the use case for Alt Markets.

AMX Ambassadors

We plan to build a network of ambassadors for Alt Markets to help promote Alt Markets and spread the word.

Referral System

We will implement a referral system in parallel to building the AMX ambassador network to increase incentives to trade on Alt Markets.

Revenue Share

Alt Markets earns 0.5-1% from each transfer, and we want to start sharing revenue with all AMX token holders after the initial growth phase.

2025 & Beyond


We will focus on partnerships & collaborations that add value to both sides (exchanges, similar protocols, horizontal/vertical integrations).

Leveraged Trading

We plan to release various protocol improvements, primarily focused on leveraged positions.

Lightning Network

By 2025, we expect the Lightning Network & Bitcoin usage to exceed any other EVM chain. We will port all common AMX use cases to Bitcoin.


Not exclusive to 2025, but we will launch various community events, airdrops, and trading incentives to grow the AMX community.

Alt Markets

Alt Markets is a protocol that enables anyone to launch & trade decentralized markets