• The vision is to enable crypto traders to place directional bets on any concept & idea while making crypto trading more fun.

  • We've built a new DEX protocol for synthetic markets because we didn't find an existing protocol that enables users to trade any imaginable term (bi-directional, with dynamic liquidity).

  • You can find the roadmap here.

  • The Alt Markets Protocol was launched & released by one developer. Currently, three volunteers are helping with marketing, community & promo

  • Alt Markets was launched in a stealth launch without VCs or funding.

  • Alt Markets was launched in early January 2023. The development took place during Q2, Q3, and Q4 2022.

  • Alt Markets currently supports Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Binance Smart Chain. We are working on integrations for Polygon, Optimism, and Avalanche.

  • We believe the Bitcoin Lightning Network will gain large adoption throughout 2023, 2024 and 2025. We want to support the Bitcoin ecosystem and provide Alt Markets access to the Bitcoin community.

  • Alt Markets can be seen as a mix between betting protocol, prediction market, and DEX. Unlike prediction markets, markets on Alt Markets don't resolve to a given outcome. Traders can place directional bets by buying/longing or selling/shorting any given market and exiting their position once the target price is reached.


  • The contract address for AMX is 0xB2d948Be3a74ECCe80378D4093E6cD7f4dC1Cf9C. You can find it on Etherscan & Arbiscan.

  • Currently, there are 30M AMX tokens in circulation. That is equivalent to 10% of the maximum supply, which is 1B AMX tokens.

  • Every month, 10-25 million AMX is unlocked for fundraising, staking rewards, trading incentives, extra liquidity, community events, promotional purposes, or burns. The exact allocation and use case will be determined and published every month.

  • Unused AMX tokens from monthly emissions are burned.

  • Tokens will be released according to the emission schedule and distributed/burned on a use-case basis.

  • There are 0% taxes for trading AMX tokens. However, when opening positions on the protocol, users are charged 0.5-1%

  • Alt Markets launches regular airdrop events. Keep an eye out for announcements on the Alt Markets socials.

  • AMX token holders can vote on use cases from released supply and protocol revenues. Additionally, AMX token holders can participate in staking programs, receive fee reductions on protocol markets and participate in the AMX rev-share mechanism based on protocol earnings.


  • The protocol was developed from the ground up, to be as simple and secure as possible. It was intentional to use as few dependencies as possible.

  • Alt Markets uses a similar AMM algorithm as Uniswap, only adjusted for bi-directional trading.

  • Alt Markets uses a relay for deposits/transfers, which is deployed using security best practices. The protocol was tested rigorously and is only a slight alteration from Uniswap (which can be considered very secure).

  • The AMX smart contract was checked using the MythX deep scan, passing all checks successfully. You can find the report here.


  • Markets are 1-32 character identifiers. These can represent any imaginable idea and concept.

  • None. Since markets are terms (e.g., the term "Bitcoin"), they do not track underlying assets.

  • New markets start at $1. If more traders are long (buying), the price increases above $1, and if more traders are short (selling), the price decreases below $1.

  • If a market doesn't exist, you can create it easily by visiting or using the search bar in the navigation.

  • Nothing. Markets are automatically created when a user opens the first position.

  • No. The Alt Markets Protocol uses a combination of fixed & dynamic liquidities to make it impossible for markets to "rug."


  • Depending on network activity, deposits & withdrawals are confirmed within 1-3 minutes.

  • Deposits & withdrawals are fully automated.

  • P&L is roughly based on the ROI formula (price-entry)/entry. However, since an automated market maker algorithm is used, the exact execution is determined based on a constant product equation considering total long/short liquidities.

  • Approximately 5% of each position is reserved for liquidity which is removed once a position is closed again.

Alt Markets

Alt Markets is a protocol that enables anyone to launch & trade decentralized markets