A Simple DEX Protocol for Synthetic Markets

Alt Markets is a protocol that enables anyone to launch & trade synthetic markets. Markets can represent any word or phrase that fits into 32 characters. Users can long/short a market by transferring ETH or BNB on Ethereum, Arbitrum, and BSC.

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What Is A Market?

Markets are 1-32 character identifiers, in categories such as coins /bitcoin, memes /doge, concepts /artificial-intelligence, people /elon-musk, politics /donald-trump, economy /inflation, sports /real-madrid, and so on. If a market doesn't exist yet, a new one is automatically created when a user opens the first position.

Market Prices

All markets start trading at a default price of $1. Markets do not track underlying assets but instead rely exclusively on long/short demand. If more traders are long (buying), the price increases above $1, and if more traders are short (selling), the price decreases below $1. Alt Markets uses a combination of virtual and real liquidity to enable bi-directional trading without the possibility of rugs.

How Does It Work?

Users can open a position on Alt.markets by transferring ETH/BNB on one of the supported chains (Eth, Bsc, Arbitrum). A position can be closed anytime to return the new position value at market price. Transfers incur a fee of 0.5-1% to prevent market manipulation and support liquidity. Markets are fully decentralized, and cross-chain transfers are confirmed & sent automatically within 2-5 minutes.

Why Another DEX Protocol?

Traders like volatility. Traders like markets with deep liquidity. Traders don't like rugs and scams. We've built a new DEX protocol for synthetic markets because we didn't find an existing protocol that solves all of these problems. Make your first trade to see how simple it is.

Features Overview

The Protocol

Alt Markets is a novel DEX protocol that enables users to create and trade synthetic markets with deep liquidity.

Markets For Anything

You can create markets for any idea and concept - you'll have a tradable market live within a few minutes.

System Liquidity

Markets are fully decentralized contracts with system-backed liquidity (no possibility of rugs & scams).

Trade Easily

Search for an existing market, or create a new market by making the first transfer. It's super simple.

The AMX Token

AMX was launched on Arbitrum & Ethereum without ICO or VCs. The current circulating supply is 10M AMX, with max. supply being 1B AMX. The AMX token is the utility token behind Alt Markets, providing benefits such as staking, fee reductions and voting rights to AMX token holders. You can trade tokens on Sushiswap (Arbitrum) or Uniswap (Ethereum), and track Alt Markets on CoinMarketCap or Dexscreener. The AMX contract address is 0xB2d948Be3a74ECCe80378D4093E6cD7f4dC1Cf9C on Arbitrum and Ethereum.

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Alt Markets

Alt Markets is a protocol that enables anyone to launch & trade decentralized markets